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B-Tour – your travelling partner!

TeamB-Tour Ltd. has been successfully working for over 10 years in the field of transportation, and continues to develop convincingly by offering new bus transportation and rental services for customers in Latvia, Baltic States and elsewhere in Europe.

Collaboration for joint development

We cooperate with partners and customers in Latvia, Baltic States, Scandinavia and Central Europe. B-Tour goal is to provide high quality transportation services according to the European Union requirements, provide comfortable bus transportation for each of our client, become the leading tour company in Latvia and all Baltic States.

How did it start? The Board and history

The company B-Tour is Latvian and Belgian joint venture.


Shareholder is the Belgian company  MandelCar Tourisme . MandelCar Tourisme from 1933 to 1940 was providing transportation servi ces in the territory of Belgium. During the period from 1933 till 1945 all the buses owned by the company were confiscated according to the decision of the Government of Nazi Germany, except one bus hided in the forest.

In 1945, company’s management resumed its operations with this only bus.

From the year 1963 till nowadays MandelCar Tourisme provides public transport services on public order and continues expanding its business. MandelCar Tourisme owns 35 buses. It has been working for more than 40 years in the field of public transportation services and therefore has earned the trust and loyalty of its passengers.

Development priorities

  • Increase of provided service quality and comfort
  • Passenger transportation safety
  • Reduction in the cost price of services
  • Staff professional development and improvement of working conditions

Vitālijs Komars


“Everyone deserves to receive qualitative and safe bus transportation and rental services at a reasonable price. We are happy if we can be your travel companion both in your daily and work route, as well as, in tour trips and other special events. Positive attitude and comfort lies in details – we are proud that our passengers appreciate it.”

Vitālijs Komars
B-Tour director



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